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We’ll make the water in your home better, much better.

Our aim at World Class Water is to make the water in your home so much better, in fact, that it’ll feel and work like world class water, day & night, whenever and wherever you need.

Our taps and water filters will improve the taste of your drinking water. Our range of water softeners will protect your house from scale build-up, keeping chrome fittings, glass, tiles and surfaces cleaner and shinier for longer. They will also keep heating systems and pipework working efficiently, which in turn will reduce energy costs and save you money. You’ll also benefit from softer skin, more vibrant and manageable hair and your towels and clothes will be brighter in colour and softer too, all whilst using less soap, shampoo and detergent products.

We also provide products that’ll add the wow factor to your water through chillers, carbonators and boiling water taps. All with the simple aim of improving how you experience water around your home, whether you’re looking for a refreshing, ice cold drink on a summers evening or a super-quick cup of tea to curl up with on the sofa on a cold Sunday afternoon in the winter.

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We’re passionate about water, the environment and your home. And if you’re reading this, you are too. Click the titles below to discover more about how our products really can make a difference to your home, your health and the planet.

We are a highly experienced supplier and manufacturer of products designed to improve how you use and experience water throughout your home.

We are passionate about water and if you’re reading this we know you are too. With over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions to water, we’re well placed to understand what today’s customer is looking for.

Based in the UK, we bring a range of affordable, luxury products into your home to deliver world-class water for your kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms. Whether you’re looking for gleaming surfaces, softer skin, better tasting drinking water – still, carbonated or chilled, brighter clothes or just beautiful looking taps, we’re here to add those little touches of luxury.

We believe everyone should be able to experience the lifestyle changing differences better quality water can bring to your home and by installing one of our water softeners, you’ll experience 5 star quality water with benefits ranging from softer hair that’s full of shine, longer lasting appliances and less cleaning time.

Our water softeners will save you money and help protect the environment – you’ll use less energy as pipework will remain free from scale build up and you’ll use less detergent, saving you pounds on cleaning products and saving the planet from more unnecessary plastic waste.


5 5 1
Ordered a boiling water tap, it's amazing. So much time saved!

5 Stars

5 5 1
Brought a new kitchen tap as I have recently had a new kitchen fitted, very happy with the quality.

Great Service

5 5 1
Had my Boiling Water Tap installed, great customer service and very informative.
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